Genuine Military Surplus MRE Single Meal

Individual Military MRE meal package. Buy just a single meal or a pack of multiple meals. These meals are selected randomly by Amazon out of 24 different entree menus. Most include flameless ration heaters but some do not.


Note that Military Surplus MREs are not fresh packed. Meals are normally held in climate controlled storage for 12 to 24 months before being released to the field. For the longest shelf life, meals should be stored at or below room temperature. Typical expected shelf life is between 1 to 4 years depending on storage conditions. Product manufacturers will vary between Sopako, Wornick, and Ameriqual.

  • Genuine US War Fighter MRE Rations Inspected and Verified by Western Frontier with pack date shown on package.
  • These are Ready for Long Term Storage or Immediate Consumption. Entrees Selected at Random by Amazon.
  • Ships lightning fast with Amazon Prime so you’ll get your meal in record time.

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