• Buying MREs in Bulk

    Buying MREs in Bulk

    An MRE or Meal, Ready to Eat is a military designed food ration that is designed to be compact and self-contained.  They can be purchased in the civilian sector as well.  Civilian MRE’s are often different than military MRE’s but carry the same basic components and shelf life. They are a self-contained, one meal package […]

  • Understanding MRE Inspection & Pack Dates

    Understanding MRE Inspection & Pack Dates

    It’s important to understand how old the MRE’s you’ve purchased are. Whether you have a whole case or just a single MRE you’ll want to know how much shelf life you have left before you need to use it. Individual MRE Meals To date individual MRE meals you’ll want to look for a stamped date […]

  • Military Food / Rations

    Military Food / Rations

    Have you ever wondered where the term MRE came from and who really invented those nifty, ready-to-eat meals? It probably comes as no surprise that a ready-to-eat meal was first designed by the military for soldiers in combat situations. Who, after all, is in more need of quick, easy to fix, nutritious meals, that are […]

  • MRE – What is That?

    MRE – What is That?

    MRE’s are a U.S. military developed meal that is self-contained and serves one person one meal; also known as MRE Rations.  MRE stands for Meal, Ready to Eat – indicating that little or no preparation is required.  MRE’s are usually packaged with a heater for the entrée but can also be eaten cold.  Though the […]